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Accessories Aesthetic Affordable Beguiling Bewitching Blue Canvas cotton Classic Colourful Compatibility Contrasting Cushion covers Dark Dressing Fancy Feminine Festive French pleat Functional Geometric Grey Heavenly Horizontal Impeccable Interchangeable Irresistible Linen Makeover Monochrome Navy blue Neutral Orientation Ornate Pink Polished Polyester Purple Quilted Red Reuse Ruffled Seasons Shades Silk Sofas Storage Summer Tantalizing Textures Trends Turqoise Velvet Versatile Vertical Vibes Yellow

Whether you live in an apartment, studio or a villa, cushion covers are the most important and affordable accessories that you'll ever invest in.And we at Shahi Sajawat want to be sure that you compile the most versatile and functional collection without breaking the bank. Seasons change, trends come and go. But it doesn't mean that you have to zero down on a complete new look with a bank emptying home makeover. "So what's the solution then...?" And the answer is...Fancy Cushion Covers by Shahi Sajawat which is the latest addition to the bouquet of some of the finest collections of home decor products.

When you invest in cushion covers your ultimate goal is to accumulate a collection of classic pieces that are interchangeable and that help represent your personal style. The key to an interchangeable cushion cover collection is to be sure that each cushion cover matches a large number of complementary decor items.The more they are compatible, the more versatility you will have in your overall looks.

Advantages of Interchangeable Cushion Covers

The most evident advantage is that you save lots of money. When you buy a pre-filled cushion you’re almost always paying extra for the pillow insert and the truth is that you don't need it. 

The second visible advantage is that you save tremendous amount of space by not having to store all the different cushions that you’d need to outfit your home throughout the seasons.All you need to do is simply reuse them and cover them up with a new cover. Fewer pillows, less clutter more options. Makes a great sense...isn't it?

A great Cushion cover can absolutely make a world of difference and give your home a polished look, but how to choose the right one can be a nightmare. But don't worry Shahi Sajawat is ready with it's new Fancy Cushion Cover Collection to ease your job of finding the perfect cushion covers.simple touch of colour to your sofa or a chair can transform your living space in to a home to be proud of. In this post, we will share our top products for dressing your sofa.


Aesthetic Creative Yellow Floral Ruffled Cushion Covers And Irresistible Blue Purple Hydrangea Flowers Embroidered Polyester Cushion CoversShahi Sajawat India brings you the Aesthetic Creative Yellow Floral Ruffled Cushion Covers in two sizes made of polyester cotton with solid ruffle patterns and Irresistible Blue Purple Hydrangea Flowers Embroidred Cushion Cover made up of 100% polyester using woven technics is plain dyed and embroidered.Both of these cushion covers define modern,Contemporary and creative styles.

Who would not love to have these ornamental gems escalate the style quotient of their sofas but overall the home itself? These cushion covers when combined with other plain and neutral shades can create a magical difference to your home decor.The wait is finally over.You can also flaunt these classy master pieces this festive season and raise the eyebrows of the guests visiting your home.


Bewitching Soft Velvet Quilted Cushion Covers And Beguiling French Pleat Cushion Covers

Shahi Sajawat India brings two of the super velvety cushion covers and first of the two is Bewitching Soft Velvet Quilted Cushion Covers made of velvet fabric and is handmade ,solid and quilted  and available in six colors  and the second one is Beguiling French Pleat Velvet Cushion Cover made of velvet fabric,plain dyed,woven with solid french pleats and available in three color options.Both of them define modern, creative and european styles.

Now you can enjoy those summer vibes from the comfort of your home by opting for our Bewitching Soft Velvet Quilted Cushion Covers and Beguiling French Pleat Cushion Covers which compliments almost sofa and cushion arrangement and includes soft colors like pink, grey, turqoise,light black, yellow and many other colors to choose from and most importantly can be enjoyed all year round, spring, summer, autumn and dark winters.


Ornate Red Embroidered Silk Cushion Covers

Shahi Sajawat India brings you the Ornate Red Embroidered Silk Cushion Covers in three different patterns of which two of them are showcased here are made of 100% polyester, woven, embroidered and has geometric patterns glorifying plain, modern and classic styles comes with four size options

You shouldn't be afraid of combining multiple textures from velvet to silk to fur, combining heavy textures with lighter ones across your cushions will keep your home looking cosy yet modern.Our Ornate Red Embroidered Silk Cushion Covers are the symbols of royalty and exclusivity..Be ready to transfer your home in to luxurious palace by opting for these resplendent style pieces


Impeccable Pink and Grey Embroidered Geometric Canvas Cotton Cushion Covers

Shahi Sajawat brings you the impeccable Pink And Grey Embroidered Cushion Covers made up of canvas cotton material  with amazing geometric patterns ,they are woven and available in one size of 45×45cm  and signifies plain,modern and creative style

The winning combination of Impeccable Pink and Grey Embroidered Geometric Canvas Cotton Cushion Covers helps in maintaining gender neutral room that lifts the living space without being overly feminine. Our Grey embroidered cushion covers fit perfectly in a home with grey and white tones.You can also keep it simple, and stick to the monochrome for a classy edge.


Tantalizing Navy Blue Floral Geometric Canvas Cotton Embroidered Cushion Covers And Heavenly Colourful Cotton Linen Cushion Covers

Shahi Sajawat India bring you the Tantalizing Navy Blue Cushio Covers made up of 100% cotton and handmade technics,beautifully embridered in geometric and floral patterns denoting plain and modern styles and is available in size 45×45cm.Coming to the second Cushion Covers which comprises of bold green and yellow shadesis something to die for its just  not because of their beauty also features like waterproof,anti-decubitus and being eco-friendly due to the blending of bamboo charcoal yarn with 50% cotton and 50% linen in printed and scenic patterns is available in six different patterns  to choose from with one size option of 45×45cm


If you have a neutral colour theme in your living room, select two or three bold colours to inject a little depth into the space. The more neutral your room is, the brighter your cushions can  be. A dark shade can still lighten up your space. Try using contrasting deep colours, such as reds, deep pinks and yellow mustard with our Tantalizing Navy Blue Floral Geometric Canvas Cotton Embroidered Cushion Covers And Heavenly Colourful Cotton Linen Cushion Covers.Contrast block colours with horizontal lines and vertical lines in narrow spaces can also do wonders with the imagination. You can also change the orientation of your existing cushions to give the room a new feel.


What are your thoughts for styling your sofa this summer? We would love to hear your thoughts. Share your tricks and tips for dressing your sofa by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @_shahisajawat_








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