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Shahi Sajawat has been diligent in bringing out amazing and ultimate home decor products and continuing this tradition further, is delighted to add a new collection to its enchanting world of great home decor products and it's none other than Glass Sticker Collection and you are most welcomed to the stupefying world of Multifaceted Glass Stickers.

We often do not pay much attention towards our doors and windows glasses as we are mostly focussed on other decor elements.But after getting to know about our inventive glass stickers you will definitely think about adding that little fun element to your boring and plain window or door glasses.

For those with simple and sophisticated taste to the people who likes experimenting with colours and designs,we have a wide array of glass stickers to choose from.Some of the finest glass stickers from our pre-eminent collection can be seen below




Characteristics of Glass Stickers


These glass stickers are made up of high quality PVC material.

These glass stickers are opaque and thus gives frosted effect to doors and windows and thus prevents peeping by unwanted visitors taking care of privacy protection.

They are electrostatic and have a strong adsorption property through which they get easily clinged to the glass surface without the help of glue making them glue free and residue free.

They have an anti-scratch protection layer on the film surface which makes them easily removable and reusable several times.

They are waterproof, oilproof, easy to clean and does not require special maintenance.

They add a beautiful barrier between your home and the outside environment.

They are translucent opaque and thus filter the strong light, reduce glare and not let the indoors dim, thus protecting the skin and eyesight.

They are energy efficient and provides heat insulation during summer and heat preservation during winter, thus reducing high electricity bills brought by air-conditioning and heating.

They also have an Ultraviolet absorbent on their film surface which protects the indoor goods from fading and ageing.



Glass stickers are very easy to use and can be installed in minutes with six quick and easy steps as shown below

So by now you are pretty much aware of the mindboggling features of these amazing glass stickers.It is said that a touch of small elements can even romanticize your home decor and  decor elements like glass stickers being multifuntional is like a cherry on cake.

So what are you waiting for? You can also upgrade your living, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and do other creative things like decorating bookcase, cupboard, tea table and so on by using our exclusive glass stickers.The creativity has no limits. So don't forget to check our newly launched Glass Sticker Collection only at and  join us in journey of creating your unique dream home.






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