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Contemporary Innovative Magnificent Modern Multifaceted Panache Revolutionary Rustic Smart Traditional Versatile Vintage

Are you jaded with the same tedious, old ,stained and scratched walls at your home?

Do you want to deck up your home for the upcoming festive season or important events like wedding or any other occasion?

Do you want to avoid the hassles of getting your living room and bedroom walls painted or getting one of the walls highlighted or getting your TV units, wardrobes, kitchen walls and cabinets to be upgraded?

Do you want to avoid the tussles of visiting sanitary stores, decor stores, painters, and later bear installation costs and labour costs?

Are you thinking about affordable options?

Then you are at the right place. Shahi Sajawat is here to provide you with the solutions by presenting eccentric wall stickers.They are smart, innovative and revolutionary and by using them you can start a revolution in terms of setting a trend.These wall stickers will ease your job as they are very easy to install, can do it yourself conveniently saving time, energy and money and bestows magnificent outcomes.The only thing you have to do is  measure the surface correcty on which the wall stickers or tile stickers is supposed to be placed.You will definitely savour the journey of creating your solitary home.

Characteristics Of Wall Stickers

They are self adhesive made up of pvc plastic material which makes them waterproof.This means some of the designs and styles of wall stickers or tile stickers can be used anywhere in home including bath areas and kitchen.

They are heat resistant and oil resistant which means you do not have to worry if there is any food or liquid spillage and spattering specially in kitchen while cooking or any other part of your home and can be cleaned easily.

They are easily removable.

They require very less maintenance.

They are applicable on latex wall surfaces, ceramic tile surfaces, glass surfaces, metal surfaces, wooden surfaces and plastic surfaces.

They are not applicable on lime walls, potholed surfaces, damp wall and uneven wallpaper.

They are very versatile meaning can be deployed for living room, bedrooms, accent walls, bath areas, dining area, tv units, kitchen, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, side tables on the basis of their style designs and patterns.

Some of the best wall stickers from our curated collection can be seen below.

Amazing Self Adhesive Stone Brick Wall Stickers


Thinking of upgrading each and every wall at your home or want to opt for an accent wall, or planning to modernize tv unit or kitchen and these versatile stickers will do the job.Being brick like in appearance, Amazing Self Adhesive Stone Brick Wall Stickers give the similar cladding effect when installed as a background of tv unit.

Iconic Black White Plaid Wall Stickers


Thinking of ultra modern panache? go for Iconic Black White Plaid Wall Stickers which adds dimensions and interest.These multifaceted products comes with various shades and patterns like black plaid, grey plaid, white plaid, white, black, dark grey and light grey.They are sure to make you fall in love.

Excellent Vintage Wooden Like Self Adhesive Wallpapers


Looking for some rustic sophistication? then you should definitely give a try to our Excellent Vintage Wooden Like Self Adhesive Wallpapers. Available in six different colours and styles ranging from peach and blue, cream and dark peach, gray and blue, blue, newspaper and postmark wood, they are sure to make your heads turn around.

Unique 3D Mosaic Tile Stickers


Are you a traditional mosaic tiles lover? then Shahi Sajawat has something for you in the store and its none other than Unique 3D Mosaic Tile Stickers, traditional but with the modern twist. Apt for the kichen and bathrooms these tile stickers are efficient in transforming simple, repetitive kitchens and bathrooms in to captivating ones.These tile stickers are available in 13 different colour options to choose for.

So what are you waiting for? Just check our Wall Stickers Collection to get the best options according to your style and creative preferences. For any doubts and queries related to the products email us at We will be happy to help you.







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