Celebration Of Lights

Celebration Of Lights Chandeliers Contemporary Elegant Modern Sparkling Star

Shahi Sajawat brings you this contemporary state of art master piece and our very own personal favourite Sparkling Star Chandeliers something we not only recommend our customers but also have made it part of our own abode.Based on personal experience it takes immense joy to describe the beauty and elegance of this breath taking masterpiece.This product truly signifies the Celebration of lights in its own ways.

Available in two varieties based on emitting colour of bulbs, that is warm white and cold white is capable by its own in transforming empty, boring space in to a fascinating area. It goes very well with most of the interior elements like ceiling, wall colours specially of pastel shades, flooring and so on. The important thing is it's correct placement which will definitely elevate its elegance tenfold and we human beings have developed an expertise in creativity and thinking out of the box.These Sparkling Star Chandeliers can completely give a new makeover to your living room.

It's design gives the resemblance of a rocket fire cracker bursting straightup in the sky radiating sparkly stars and this reminds us about the celebrations and occasions on when fire crackers are bursted and most importantly when we celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali.It gives the nostalgia of Diwali Celebrations.

Being made of metal and crystals,chandeliers should be handled with care and should be cleaned with clean dry cloth regularly to enjoy its eternal elegance.

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