Comprehensive Guide For Creating Unique Landscapes Through Shahi Sajawat's Fiberglass Planters

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Shahi Sajawat Pot Cluster FRP Planters

Why Planters ?

These days plant and pots are increasingly introduced into private and public spaces and they are considered the most important interior design elements.

They make an elegant and consistent brand statement, and establish a comfortable yet stylish atmosphere for the viewers.

In this digital age, videos and reels created without botanical elements are not getting as many views as the content which has plants and planters backdrop.

Weather it be for Indoor use in residential spaces like living area, hallways, bathrooms or commercial spaces like receptions, lobbies/corridors, sitting/waiting area, plants improve experience as a passive mood-enhancer.

 Shahi Sajawat Living Room Decor Ideas


Also, planters are used as a beautiful works of art to complement the architecture, decor, and gardens of the outdoor spaces like balconies, terrace gardens, front porch and pool areas.

Though it looks difficult but enhancing urban parks and spaces with modern commercial planters is relatively easy as long as you know how to do it right.

And here where Shahi Sajawat's extensive choice of commercial indoor and commercial outdoor planters comes to your aid.

There are numerous trends in landscape architecture that fiberglass planters allow you to start playing around with. From more cool, muted projects to using vibrant custom colors to bring energy into container gardening.

 Shahi Sajawat FRP Planters Collection


Our tailored Fiberglass Planter Collection, crafted with Precision has a broad array of applications. Weather you prefer Minimalist, Chic and Mid-century modern, Boho or Industrial style, we have planters for all your needs.

Why Fiberglass ?

  1. Lightweight. Even if you opt for large planters, fiberglass is a lightweight material you won’t have trouble transporting.
  2. Durable. Due to the combination of fiberglass with resin in the manufacturing process, fiberglass planters are highly resistant to weather conditions–This is perfect for outdoor use! Built to Withstand the Tests of Time
  3. Fulfill specific needs. How you use your fiberglass planters can affect the overall functionality of the planter. Large planters are perfect for privacy, and smaller ones are good for filling unwanted spaces.


Our Indoor planters look fresh, clean, and modern, and instantly elevates the vibes of the space. You can use faux plants for low maintenance.

Our commercial outdoor planters UV treated so they are best for terrace gardens and balconies. Also fiberglass has no problem from prolonged exposure to outdoor climate conditions compared to some popular planter materials, like clay or plastic, tend to break after use.

 What Are The Uses ?

Real estate developers, wholesalers, and individual brands can use our planters  to divide spaces, manage traffic, create, and provide privacy while being the perfect addition to complement any space!

 Shahi Sajawat Office Box Planters


Landscape Architects can use our planters to create container gardens as a part of urban design, integrating them into architectural frameworks and as commercial outdoor planters are always remain in style, which means they can be used to achieve any look, regardless of current trends.

Outdoor planters are one of the best ways to introduce greenery to an outdoor space. Not only do they provide style and beauty, there are numerous ways in which these planters can be extremely functional as well. This means you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Weather you need Indoor modern office planter boxes or garden pot clusters, we have you covered.

Why Shahi Sajawat's Planters ?

Made of high-quality fiberglass and resin our planters allows the pot to be lightweight and stylish, with durability that withstands all kinds of weather and climate conditions. Given their high-quality make, it’s possible to tap into whatever design trend you wish, all the while getting the guarantee of a durable planter that will last a long time.


 Shahi Sajawat FRP Planters for Lobbies

Our planters can be tailored with dozens of colors and finishes, including metal infused, faux metal, stone, wood, and paint.


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